We order all of our lines on the BT portal. If you are currently using BT for your Phone Lines, we are able to seamlessly transfer them to ourselves with no downtime, nothing changes, apart from better service and cheaper bills!

This also means we have online access to the Openreach engineers’ diaries and can therefore choose a date suitable for you for installations.

If there’s a fault on your lines, we have access to the Openreach portal to be able to run line tests and diagnose faults. If a fault is found, we can book an engineer while on the phone with you, therefore, picking a date suitable for you.

And if you do have a query, there’s no pressing 1 for this, 2 for that, you simply call us on 020 3195 2222 and we answer the phone within 3 rings, and deal with your query there and then.

We know how important landlines are to your business; it’s usually the most frequent way that your customers will contact you and the rental costs will have an ongoing impact on your business costs. Fixed line telephony doesn’t need to be expensive because we work with you to understand what you need, so that we match the right product to your business. Costs can be reduced by switching over from a higher rate provider.

ISDN Lines

Fast data transfer & exceptional line quality with ISDN

Go digital with ISDN2 & ISDN30

ISDN stands for Integrated Services Digital Network. It is a designed to carry voice, data, images and video.


Perform multiple tasks simultaneously

With ISDN2/ISDN30 you can use your lines separately or simultaneously, so you can do multiple tasks at once.

Fast data transfer

Using Fast File Transfer you can send files directly over the ISDN network to another computer with ISDN access and compatible file-transfer software.

Grows with your business

Add further connections to increase bandwidth and take more calls.

Product details


Send voice, video and data over phone lines for 2-8 lines/users.

  • Get crystal-clear voice-call quality.
  • Fast data transmission and all the possibilities of a digital telephone system.
  • Fast data transfer.
  • Do 2 things at once - one line for data the other for calls.
  • Prices are per line. Minimum of 2 lines per order.


Send voice, video and data over phone wires for more than 8 lines/users.
All the benefits of ISDN2, plus:

  • Voice communications with other ISDN users are crystal clear.
  • Combine your lines for higher bandwidth.
  • Create a WAN to link multiple offices.
  • Individual Direct Dial In (DDI) numbers for your staff.
  • Prices are per line.

5 years to go: what the end of ISDN means for your business

After years of speculation, BT Openreach announced that ISDN is officially being retired in 2025.

Whilst that is a long way off, what should businesses and organisations being doing about it and when?

Well many of our customers have already made the change - changing from their tried and trusted ISDN2e or ISDN30 circuits to either a SIP trunk connection or a fully hosted phone system. Those are the 2 main options. Check out our Hosted VoIP page for details.


We will always provide you with the best package for your business and this may include:

  • Analogue and digital lines
  • Right number of lines
  • Room to increase lines
  • Line features

Openreach Landlines

All our landlines come direct from Openreach which means that we have live and direct access to their scheduling system so that our clients get the benefit of Openreach engineers and resources, coupled with our superb support. What’s more, we are able to transfer your lines seamlessly via our BT portal. This means there is no downtime for your business and the only difference you will notice is a cheaper phone bill.