User Management


Finally your school days of learning Pythagoras’s Theorem and SohCahToa can come in handy. Our billing platform was developed over 15 years and is pretty good (if we can say so ourselves). All our bills are sent out over email and contain a summary of all your services on the first few pages as well as a shed load of graphs on the following pages (pie charts, bar charts, charts of charts….etc) for you to work your way through. You will be able to analyse the data of all your users and work out who performed the best and who will be wearing the dunce hat for the next week.

Call Reporting

If the monthly billing isn’t quite doing it for you, we offer online real-time reporting via our web portal which allows you to search by a whole load of different options. Here you can search by extension, number dialled, number called in, area called (e.g. anything starting 001 for USA), time dialled/called etc. You can mix and match all of these in to one search, so you can search for Extension 1000, calling any American numbers between 1pm and 2pm on Tuesday! This allows you to keep an up to date detailed report of all the users within the company.

Voice Recordings

Want to sound super professional? We are able to provide professional voice recordings in different accents, languages and styles for any of your messages from just £29.99 per recording (discounts available on bulk orders). These can then be set to play when a call is received to a specific number, when calls are put on hold or when a customer is in a queue waiting for the next available agent. For just £20 more per recording, we can have it recorded over one of our royalty free tracks or any music that you provide. If you would like to hear some of our recordings just dial 01887890158 to get an idea of what you could have.

Call Spying

How to become James Bond for a minute – we can even set the code to 1 007. This allows you to set you up a code to be able to listen or listen and talk to an extension. This is quite useful when training anyone up and checking in on employees’ phone calls. It can also be used to quickly conference yourself in to a call.

Music (On Hold)

Let your customers hear more than the boring ringing noise! - Our system comes with a number of royalty free music tracks that you can set to an extension, call queue or IVR to play whilst the customer is on hold. You can also upload your own music or advertisement on to the system (you must provide proof that you are licensed to play the music). We are also able to obtain other music files for a small fee and you can even have these recorded over.