On The Move

Remote Access

If you want to dial in to the system but don’t have the app or sufficient internet signal to support the app, this allows you to do it. How this works is you use a spare or new phone number that becomes the dedicated remote access number. When called it will ask for your extension number and pin (you can pick one during the set up stage). You then become that extension from any phone in the world and can use your account to call other extensions or call international numbers and benefit from our cheaper rates. You can also use this to dial a feature code to activate one of our many features.


Out of Hours

When it’s 5:30pm on a Friday afternoon the last thing you want are more calls flooding in. This feature allows you to set automatic routing on any of your inbound phone numbers to a different destination depending on the time and day. For example, outside of office hours you might want all the calls to route to a separate voicemail box with an out of hours message on, or you may wish for calls to go to a mobile phone for emergencies.

Mobile and Laptop App

iPhone, Android, Windows, Linux, Mac – we have it covered! We use a number of partners who offer free SIP client apps for many different devices. This means you or any member of staff can use their extension to log in on nearly any device, anywhere in the world. Once logged in you will be able to receive all calls to your phone number/extension and use the extension to make calls. You can even use it to transfer calls as if you are within the same office! This is particularly useful if you travel a lot and can save a lot of costs when making a call back to the UK or to any other country as you will benefit from our low rates.

Hot Desking

A bit like musical chairs! This allows any users to access the phone system from any internal or external phone by dialling a pre-determined feature code or phone number. The system will then prompt you for your 4 digit extension number and a pin code (you can choose this) and you will then become that extension from any phone (even from a mobile!). All calls made out will go from your extension and phone number and all calls in to your number will ring the new phone.


Automatic Backup

We have all had that moment when something like a power cut causes the phone system to go down, well fear no more! Our system has the option to put in an emergency landline or mobile number that will automatically activate if your extension goes offline, so you will no longer miss any important calls!