The Comms Guys understand that we operate in a business world where jargon and technical terms are used a lot that’s why we have created this simple guide to frequently used terms and questions. Or you call us on 020 3195 2222 to get a quick and simple explanation.

If I change service providers, can I keep my phone number?
Yes you can. If you are currently using IDSN lines the switch just takes place online. If its VoIP you just have to fill out a one page porting form and we will move everything over to us.

What should I do if I experience a problem or fault with my line?
We are only a phone call away and our helpful and friendly customer services staff are ready and waiting to assist you with any problems you may encounter. We also provide product training and access to certain portals.

Who would come to my site in case of any line fault?
In the event of any line fault an Openreach engineer would visit your site, based on our assessment of the situation and we will arrange that visit for you. As a Telecoms Reseller, we have direct online access to the Openreach Engineers’ diaries.

Do I keep my number in the phone book?
Yes, these services will be transferred like-for-like with your lines, unless you specifically ask to be removed.

What is the contract term?
There is a minimum 12 month contract for line rental and calls (unless agreed with different terms). We do offer longer contracts with higher discounts though!

Do you physically take out our old lines and put in new ones?
No, everything is done online these days and all the lines in your premises are BT lines, we will just take over the billing and calls on the existing lines so that nothing has to be touched. If you do need a new line then we can have this put in too and most new lines are already routed to your premises and just need activating.

If I change address, can I keep my phone number?
For ISDN lines, as long you are moving within the same Exchange, then in most cases you can keep your number. For VoIP, your number will move with you wherever you move to